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  • Downloads » Portable Applications » Software » Portable McAfee VirusScan Runner (Win32 Command-line GUI) 1.06 (Outdated)
    Portable McAfee VirusScan Runner (Win32 Command-line GUI) 1.06 (Outdated)
    Date 22nd July, 2009   Publisher anDY
    Views 364,841   License Freeware
    Downloads 3,691   Category Software
    Size 192.75 KB   Rating --- not available yet ---

    由於病毒引擎有100MB之大, 一般寬頻下載時間應該都要5-15分鐘. 所以程式不會強逼您自動更新或下載. 所以啦, 除非您真的有很多時間來下載... 否則建議1-2個星期更新病毒庫一次就夠了... 因為病毒庫每數小時都有更新, 您總不能幾小時就下載一次吧 XD

    現在只差少許功夫就完全完成了... (也可算完成了, 只差少許句子還寫得不太理想...)

    VSrun is a GUI tools which designed for translates options with the Win32 command-line version of McAfee VirusScan.

    This tools requires the SuperDAT and Scan Engine provided by McAfee to work, you can get the latest update of it by using "Get Virus Definition Update" on this tools. (updates hourly)

    1.06 (2009-07-09):
    - Added browse button for 3 parts.
    - Removed unusual codes.

    1.05 (2009-07-07):
    - First public beta release.