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  • Downloads » Language Development » Delphi » Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
    Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
    Date 30th March, 2008   Publisher anDY
    Views 89,567   License Freeware
    Downloads 211,088   Category Delphi
    Size 86.13 MB   Rating --- not available yet ---
    Portable Turbo Delphi Lite 1.0d (Update 2 Hotfix Rollup Integrated)
    The portable, lite and free version of Turbo Delphi, which designed to run on any computers and USB disks without installation.

    Our Portable Runner will automatic initial registry settings on the first run, save and clear settings on exit, and restore last saved settings on each runs.

    Version 1.0d - 30-Mar-2008
    - Small fixes for crashing on set path environment. (Nick)
    * Updated Portable Runner to Version

    Version 1.0c - 17-Mar-2008
    + Added previous registry state recovering on start and closing.
    + Added command-line options support: use /help for more detail.
    * Updated Portable Reference Help to RAD Studio Help Update 2.
    * Improved registry patching for files and packages path.
    * Improved support for register the debugger directly.
    * Improved support for limited account. (Jonsy)
    * Improved support for network path.
    * Updated Portable Runner to Version
    * Updated DelphiSpeedUp to Version 2.73.

    Version 1.0b - 12-Dec-2007
    * Improved Portable Runner for portable device detection.
    - Fixed some images bugs on Reference Help.
    * Updated DelphiSpeedUp to Version 2.70.

    - Smallest size.
    - Automatic settings for portable USB disk.
    - Support 3rd party components installation.
    - Contained Standard and Database Components.
    - Automatic environment settings for command-line tools while using portable disk.
    - Microsoft .NET Framework, .NET Framework SDK and Visual J# .NET are not required.
    - Disabled Help, Refactoring, ErrorInsite and ActiveX support which required .NET Framework.
    - Update 2 Hotfix Rollup integrated to version 10.0.2288.42451.
    - BORLNDMM.DLL has been replaced with Fast Memory Manager 4.78.
    - Fixed TabStop property bugs when TFrame created at design time.
    - No more __history folder, .local, .cfg and .~bpl files creates.
    - Contained DelForExp Pascal source code formatter 2.5.0.
    - Contained DelphiSpeedUp 2.60 for IDE speed up optimization.
    - Integrated RAD Studio Reference Help Update 2 into menu with F1 hotkey support for Windows Vista.

    Run the Portable Runner (TDRUN.EXE) to start Portable Turbo Delphi Lite. Environment Command Prompt can be launched on Portable Runner Tray Icon. For more detail about Portable Runner usage, please type "TDRUN.EXE /?".

    Because Turbo Delphi and Borland Delphi 2006 are using same registry settings, if currently you're using the Borland Delphi 2006, you may got troubles on it. Portable Runner will reset all path and file associate settings automatically, we suggested you uninstall the Borland Delphi 2006 before using this portable edition of Turbo Delphi.

    - Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista or higher.
    - 180MB disk space.

    - Borland ActionBar Components
    - Borland ADO DB Components
    - Borland BDE DB Components
    - Borland Control Panel Applet Package
    - Borland Database Components
    - Borland dbExpress Components
    - Borland Editor Emacs Enhancements
    - Borland Editor Script Enhancements
    - Borland Internet Components
    - Borland Markup Language Wizards
    - Borland MyBase DataAccess Components
    - Borland Sample Components
    - Borland SimpleDataset Component (DBX)
    - Borland Standard Components
    - Delphi 1.0 Compatibility Components
    - Internet Explorer Components
    - TeeChart Components
    - Help Link Integrator 1.1

    No uninstallation needed on portable edition, just run Portable Runner once, runner will help remove all settings related to Turbo Delphi on exiting.

    Sometimes you may want to reset the IDE settings to defaulti, simply delete the file named TDRUN.REG, all IDE settings will clear and return to default.

    Sometimes we may update the Portable Runner only. Once you have downloaded the new version of TDRUN.EXE, please enter "TDRUN.exe /fix" to update the registry to current version, this should help fixing some problems for previous version.

    Enjoy the Portable life!

    anDY STUDiO

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