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  • Downloads » Portable Applications » Games » Portable Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book Runner (rev 3)
    Portable Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book Runner (rev 3)
    Date 31st March, 2008   Publisher anDY
    Views 380,907   License Freeware
    Downloads 11,603   Category Games
    Size 969.85 KB   Rating --- not available yet ---
    Download ( eD2K : eMule )
    俠客遊第三之書 (流動化啟動器) (修定 3)


    * 兼容第三之書管理員 LDE3MAN.EXE 進行存取角色備份 (下載第三之書管理員)
    * 兼容第三之書存檔管理器 LDE3SM.EXE 進行存取角色備份

    P.S. 別問我 eD2K 下載連結的是什麼東西... 我什麼都不知道啦~ 只知道是好康 XD~ 最新為 1.2e

    *** 注意 ***

    若您日後不想再使用流動功能,您可以手動使用PORTABLELDE3.REG來復原設定值。但是,記著要先修改檔案中的 "InstallPath" 值,因為我們就是把它自動改掉了。

    *** 使用 ***
    簡單地將 "PortableLde3.exe" 複製到您的第三之書遊戲資料夾即可。

    壓縮包內的 "Lde3.exe" 是修改過的執行檔,只能用於繁體中文版 1.2 ( 的遊戲版本,此修正檔用於通過光碟檢查實現流動化效果。官方的 1.2 更新檔案您可以從此連結下載並安裝,然後再複製我們提供的 "Lde3.exe" 到遊戲資料夾。


    若您的版本並非繁體中文,沒關係,我們的 Portable 啟動器是沒有語言限制的,可是您每次進入遊戲都需要光碟而已。所以尋找您的版本有沒有免光碟修正檔吧。


    您可以將整個遊戲資料夾複製到 USB 裝置或硬碟裡,現在您就可以實現無須安裝也可以在任何地方進行遊戲了!

    現在就執行 PortableLde3.exe 來啟動您的流動第三之書吧!


    anDY & aSKa STUDiO


    Portable Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book Runner

    Allows portability of Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book. (rev 3)

    *** WARNING ***
    Once you used this portable execute, you will unable to play the game by original method. Because this will becomes portable, you can play on every computers, so we will help you save the current settings from system to registry file and clear system settings on exit, PORTABLELDE3.EXE will help you recover the last saved settings on each time you executed.

    If you don't want to use this portable anymore, you can apply the registry file manually, the filename named PORTABLELDE3.REG, BUT, remember edit the path of "InstallPath" in the file first.

    *** USAGE ***
    Simply copy the "PortableLde3.exe" to your Lde3 directory.

    The "Lde3.exe" is the patched execute for Chinese Traditional version 1.2 ( ONLY, This used to pass the CD checking for portability usage. The official 1.2 update you can download and install it by following link and copy our "Lde3.exe" to your game directory.


    If your version isn't chinese traditional, nevermind, our Portable Runner have no limits on any language, you can still use it, but you may need inserting CD to play on each run if the game needed. If your game need game CD to run, you better find your version's no CD patches or execute from the internet as well.

    Your Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book is portabled now!

    You can copy all game files to an USB disk and play in anywhere without installation now!

    Run "PortableLde3.exe" to play your Portable Lunatic Dawn The 3rd Book now and future!

    Have fun!

    anDY & aSKa STUDiO