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    About Station to Station
    13. Station to Station 
     Derreck Simons
    File Name:  Initial D Special Stage OST - 13 - Station to Station.mp3 
    Last Modified:  03-Mar-2004 
    File Size:  3.89 MB 
    File Format:  mp3 
    Length:  4:14 
    Audio Bitrate:  128kbit 
    Audio Data Format:  mp3 
    Title:  Station to Station 
    Artist:  Derreck Simons 
    Album:  Initial D Special Stage OST 
    Track:  13 
    Year:  2003 
    Genre:  Anime 
    Comment:  Ripped by anDY at aniMe.ac 
    Copyright:  avex mode 
    url_user:  http://www.aniMe.ac 
    Encoded by:  [email protected]