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  • Downloads » Portable Applications » Software » Portable Safari Browser for Windows 3.1.525.13
    Portable Safari Browser for Windows 3.1.525.13
    Date 26th March, 2008   Publisher anDY
    Views 16,540   License Freeware
    Downloads 15,522   Category Software
    Size 18.3 MB   Rating --- not available yet ---
    Download ( eD2K : eMule )
    Portable Safari 3.1.525.13 (multi language)

    Allows portability for Safari.

    Safari. Still the world's best web browser.
    Now your favorite web browser is also the fastest on any platform. With page load speeds that outperform every other major browser on the Mac or PC, Safari also introduces a few new features to the mix.

    Browse like the wind.
    The fastest web browser today, Safari loads and draws pages up to 3 times faster than Firefox 2 and up to 5.5 times faster than Opera 9. And it executes JavaScript up to 4.5 times faster than Firefox 2 and up to 5 times faster than Opera 9.1 What does all that mean for you? Less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.

    Safari 依然為世上最棒的網頁瀏覽器

    現在,您最喜歡的網頁瀏覽器在 Mac 上速度無與倫比。除了頁面載入速度比其它主流瀏覽器更快之外,Leopard 的 Safari 還引入一些新功能。

    Safari 是現今速度最快的 Mac 網頁瀏覽器,網頁載入顯示的速度比 Firefox 2 快上 3 倍,比 Opera 9 快上 5.5 倍。其執行 JavaScript 的速度比 Firefox 2 快上 2.7 倍,比 Opera 9 快上 2.6 倍1。這一切代表什麼呢?就是網頁載入的時間變少,遨遊網路的時間變多。