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  • Downloads » Themes » Nintendo DS » CLANNAD: Nagisa Furukawa R4DS Theme 1.0
    CLANNAD: Nagisa Furukawa R4DS Theme 1.0
    Date 22nd February, 2008   Publisher anDY
    Views 6,695   License Freeware
    Downloads 1,209   Category Nintendo DS
    Size 471.88 KB   Rating --- not available yet ---
    First made theme for NDS R4 Revolution Theme
    CLANNAD: Nagisa Furukawa
    This is the first character I made for "Key" series which planned to be the theme of November, should be totally twelve characters from Key series for each month.

    Usage: Place the files from ZIP file to the _system_ folder.

    第一個為 NDS 而做的佈景主題
    CLANNAD: 古河 渚
    此主題將預定為我們將會製作 Key 系列主題的11月女主角

    使用方法: 將ZIP中的檔案放到R4的 _system_ 資料夾